Ways to Save on Home Expenses

If you live in your own home, you know how expensive it can be. Your mortgage payment or rent, home insurance, and utilities add up in a hurry and when you tack on car payments and insurance, daycare, and work expenses there’s barely enough left over for food! Here are some simple ways you can cut cost without scrimping too much, so you’ll have more left over at the end of the month:

Check out the bills. Go over your utility bills and see where the expenses lie and act accordingly. Turn down your thermostat and turn off your extra lights; invest in a programmable thermostat and insulate your windows.

Examine your cable and phone bills in the same way. Can you lower your cable to a less expensive viewing tier? Are there extras on your phone that you don’t use? Can you switch to a different company or plan and find considerable savings? Look for things you don’t use much and eliminate them.

Save your food bills for a month and then itemize your eating expenses. Do you spend a lot of money eating out or ordering in? Can you cut down on the total number of trips to the store? Do you buy a large amount of prepared, frozen foods that you can make cheaper from scratch? You can probably save at least a quarter of your total food expenditures by paring away at the extras, and no one will really notice!

Consolidate your vehicle expenses. Make fewer trips, and consider carpooling if your children have several after school activities. Combine your shopping trips and don’t make unnecessary jaunts to the store just because you’re bored.

Call your insurance agent and have her go over your policies. See if you can change your deductible or get extra savings for safe driving habits, or any other ways to lower your insurance premiums.

Stop impulse buying. Whether it’s in the grocery store or at the hardware store, we’ve all seen deals too good to pass up. If you really feel you need an item put it in your cart but walk around the store a bit before you make the final decision to buy.