Tips Regarding Sword Maintenance

Here tips regarding Damascus steel swords maintenance are shared. Most of the steel sword collectors have encountered and came up with this question that how can they properly take care of their swords! This is a categorical question that has been put forward many of the times. Check out this overview which is linked with steel sword maintenance. You can protect your swords from corrosion, rust by following this maintenance guide. You can apply these maintenance tips for any kind of swords. It is not complicated to take care and maintain your swords. It is sufficient to clean and fit the blades of your swords for two times in a year.

Avoid Placing Your Swords in Humidity

Sword collectors should not be placing their swords in extremely humid conditions. Extreme humidity can deteriorate your swords condition severely. Do consider and understand this crucial factor if you want to place and put up your swords. Try to store up your steel swords in a kind of environment that has only 30% of humidity level. If you are going to place your steel swords in an environment that has more than 30% humidity level then your swords will for sure get damage.

Avoid Skin Contact With Your Steel Sword Blades

Make sure that your skin does not have a contact with your steel sword blades. Such a kind of contact will release oil and also salt from your skin and this salt and oil releasing will corrode your steel sword blade.

Avoid Storing Your Steel Swords in Scabbards

You should avoid storing and placing your steel swords in scabbards. Even if you place your swords in scabbards then avoid letting them remain there for more than 30 days. For the information, these scabbards are made up of wood. When you are going to wrap your swords in leather, then this leather material will eventually trap and absorb moisture and thus cause corrosion on your sword blades.

Cleaning Sword Blade After Every 6 Month Time Gap

You simply have to thoroughly clean your sword blade after every 6-month time gap. If you use your sword blade for cutting tests or use them for simple training tasks then clean and oil their blades after every single use.

Chemical Cleaning Method to Clean Rust

It is the simplest way to clean up your steel swords. You just have to make a quick application of oil. You can use these gun care oils as well. You can even use a regular sewing machine oil. Apply the oil and wipe your sword blade by using the cotton cloth. Keep wiping off your blade until and unless oil is no longer visible from your blade. This chemical cleaning method will remove light kind of rust and dirt from your swords blades.

Abrasion Cleaning Method

In this method, you will use a mild form steel chemical cleaner. This cleaner will be able to remove and take off the light rust from your sword blades. This method will also protect and polish your blade on an extreme note. Just do the light coating of oil and your cleaning sword blade task will be done. Tips to clean and polish Damascus wedding band will be shared too.

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