Siu Tran and the Creation of Leaders in the Sunshine Communities

The top responsibility of leaders like Siu Tran is to create leaders among the community members to which they belong. He has been involved in perfecting this responsibility to the best of his abilities so far. His efforts in this direction started ever since he was the leader in his Sunshine College and the youth club of the Lions. Most of his achievements as leader in the college were focused on improving the academic and sporting activities of the minority communities. He paid special attention to the students who were unable to excel in the academic fields. His efforts earned him plenty of rewards during his college days.

Siu TranSiu Tran and the Youth Programs

Siu Tran has been able to launch many successful programs for the transformation of the youngsters’ thinking patterns. He taught them what it means to be a leader in their community and encourage others to take up challenging careers.

  • Hockey, Cricket and Volleyball have been the main sporting attractions across Australia since many years. The rapidly developing youth sports wings have added basketball, tennis and athletics as the new flavors for the others to emulate. The efforts of Siu Tran in training the youngsters in all these fields have been outstanding.
  • Siu Tran believes in achieving success one step at a time. This has to be done one day at a time when the youngsters learn the art of patience and persistence. The main problem with the youngsters is their hurried nature. They are usually in such a hurry to achieve success that they forget about the basic ingredients like persistence and patience. This often leads to disappointments in their careers. Having failed once they dare not take up the task again. This is the main reason for many dropouts from schools, colleges and sporting academies. Siu Tran has been sharp in identifying the critical points where the youngsters tend to give up.
  • By constantly working with the dropout youngsters, Siu Tran has been able to establish effective means for overcoming their troubles. After identifying their dropout reasons, he has taught them how to overcome the phobia and fear accumulated during this time. As a result the youngsters have been able to see their weak points and take steps to set them right.

Siu Tran

  • Siu Tran has been instrumental in teaching the youngsters about the importance of patience. It is only the consistent efforts which bring sustained results. He has been able to make them understand the need to go slow and grow gradually in the fields of profession they choose.
  • Apart from learning the skills needed for career, the youngsters learn to keep things simple while training. The logical ability of Siu Tran in breaking down the most complex tasks into achievable steps makes it easy for the others to follow. He has been instrumental in making the youngsters take responsibility for the results of their actions. Since then the probability of committing critical errors in their career training has been reducing consistently. Siu Tran is a happy man today.