Versatile Types and Styles of Roofing

There are many types, kinds, and styles of roofing. One can start from these natural materials like we have slate and wood. Then we have manmade roofing materials like asphalt and sheet metal, and also plastic polymers. All these roofing materials are well used by Queens roofing contractors. Each of these roofing materials has their own advantages and also shortcomings. Here you will get a guide regarding selection and buy a roof for yourself:

Which Factors to Look for While Selecting a Roof

You need to consider these factors that for how much time your roof will be able to last longer, will your selected roof be able to hold natural disasters like that of wildfires and hurricanes. Consider this factor that does your chosen roof have sufficient and enough slope, will it be able to complement the look and style of your house. Assess that whether your roofing materials are eco-friendly or if they are recyclable.

Types of Roofing

Asphalt Composition Shingles Roofing Type

It is the most popular roofing type. About 80% of this residential roofing market works with this type. This roofing is made of an organic paper kind of fiber mat or it is made of a fiberglass. This roofing material is further impregnated and fused with asphalt and too coated with these mineral granules. This roofing type is not much durable. It is moderate in its weight.  It is resistant to fire and wind.

Metal Roofing Style

It is comparatively more expensive than that of asphalt. This metal roofing has the potential to last longer. It is wind resistant. This roofing type is made of steel or aluminum or it can be made of copper,  zinc alloy. This roofing style is available in the form of sheets or in the style of shingles. It is fairly durable. It shows good amount of resistance against fire and wind.

Plastic Polymer Roofing Type

It is one of the durable and synthetic in form roofing shingles. This roofing material is molded and fused by using high-tech sort of plastic polymer material.  Its shape resembles a lot of slate and wood shakes. This roofing type claims that it can last longer. It requires low maintenance. Its weight is also moderate.  This roofing kind shows maximum fire and also wind resistance.

Clay Tile Roofing Style

This roofing type is brittle and much heavier. Such roofing style is fire resistant. This roofing material is made natural clay. As this roofing type is eco-friendly, it is due to the reason that it is made from natural materials. This material is extremely lasting.  It needs low maintenance. It shows excellent, maximum fire resistance quality and the fair amount of wind resistance feature.

Concrete Tile Roofing Type

This roofing style is much expensive as compared to clay tiles. These concrete roof tiles are heavy and usually last for a longer time frame. This material is fire resistant. It is mainly from Portland cement, sand that this roofing material is usually made. Its fire resistance and wind resistance is excellent. Details will be shared that how these materials are used by siding contractors in Queens NY.